At Abra Kadabra, we have uncovered a revolutionary sew-in technique that allows clients to wear and enjoy their sew-in extensions for twice as long as the standard sew-in weave. Our solutions give clients greater flexibility, reduce maintenance obligations, and deliver exceptional results regardless of hair type or texture.
Our proprietary sew-in braiding technique is unique in that it discourages the tangling of the natural hair underneath the installed sew-in. While other sew-in installations require takedown after only a few months, the Abra Kadabra Sew-In™ technique allows the technician to effectively remove the shed hair that leads to matting and breaking, thereby extending the life of the sew-in and preserving the health of your own hair. There is no matting, no breakage, no build-up, and no follicle damage. Your own hair is fully protected and free to achieve its maximum growth potential underneath your install. When you eventually take the sew-in down, you’ll discover longer, stronger, healthier natural hair underneath. It’s like magic!
Whether you want a flip over sew-in, side part sew-in, middle part sew-in, sew in with closure, additional length, or a short sew-in bob, we offer the expertise and the products that ensure gorgeous outcomes. Here are the services we offer:

15-mins | $25+

This service applies to you if you have a closure, a wig or just a basic sew in and you are just wanting to tighten a specific area up. This does not include a shampoo, condition or a style.

1-hr + 30-mins | $150+

Do you need more length or fullness. Add extension in order to achieve fullness and/or length. A consultation is mandatory. Our partial sew ins are not a part of our Abra Kadabra Hair Growth Sew In System. These are 2 totally different services and should not be compared. Our partial sew in is also different from sewing wefts in between your hair for fullness. Our partial sews in are mostly recommended for short periods of time, for events or special photos.

3-hrs | $175+ (New Clients)

IF you are looking for the best and most secure sew in you have ever had in your life, you are scheduling the right service here. Our sew ins last 6 months with low manageability and will help you grow your hair 3-5 inches in only 6 month guaranteed. YOU MUST HAVE SEW-IN CONSULTATION prior to your install appointment. If this is your 1st sew-in at Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing, you are considered a New Client. You MUST have a sew-in consultation and consultation can NOT be on the same day as your installation appointment. Please refer to our consultation section for what it entails.

1-hr + 30-mins | $325+

Here we will remove your Abra Kadabra Sew In and we will perform a new install. This includes, cutting your wefts off, removing your braids, pre-tangling, pre-conditioning, a rejuvenating scalp treatment/cleansing, deep conditioning, blow dry, trim and a new installation.

MUST be scheduled in conjunction with your Abra Kadabra Sew-in™ re-install.

4-hrs | $125+

This involves cutting the threads, removing the wefts, unraveling the braids, pre-de tangle, pre-conditioning, rejuvenating scalp treatment, deep conditioning and blowout/silk press or natural style.

45-mins | $45+

Suggested for clients with existing sew ins to ensure longevity with minor stitching, cleansing and conditioning care.

Depending on where you are in your process, a sew in tightening may be required $150 (which is more stitching for the purpose of avoiding retouch but making last a little longer until removal)

Please keep in mind there is dyer time of 45 minutes which is included in the time allotted.

1-hr | $120+

Suggested for clients who have had their sew in for 3-4 months and is needing their sew in to feel and look brand new again without removing. It will take half the time and half the cost but you have the luxury of going another 3-months.

Keep in mind 45 minutes of dryer time and a 15 minute shampoo is include int the allocated time.

AK Hair & Healing hair extensions line has been engineered to provide stunning, long-lasting results and a natural-appearing finish. We offer a diverse variety of hair types and textures that allow you to match your natural hair seamlessly while enjoying limitless styling variations. From loose waves to thick, corkscrew spirals, we offer a bounty of hair options and lengths.

While the Abra Kadabra Sew-In™ technique does not require the use of AK Hair & Healing hair extensions, we do not recommend using other brands of hair for our sew-in, as they are not constructed for the necessary maintenance, and might not withstand continual wearing of up to 7 months. Our luxury AK Hair & Healing hair extensions have been rigorously tested to ensure exceptional results for the life of your sew-in investment.

At Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing, we are proud to offer the best sew-ins for natural hair and hair growth in St. Louis, surrounding areas and around the world. For a long-lasting, beautiful sew-in, contact our team for a consultation today!