Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing is a revolutionary salon based in St. Louis, MO dedicated to the transcendence of beauty, good health and the overall well-being of our customers. The CEO of the company created an innovative proprietary process called the "Abra Kadabra Sew-In System", a proven hair growth method exclusively and only mastered by the experienced team at Abra Kadabra's. With over 400 testimonies and a 100% success rate, the demand is very high and we are looking for dynamic team players who are ready to embark on the journey to become the pioneers of the beauty industry while living the lifestyle they deserve.


At Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing, we are passionate about giving our clients effective, personalized solutions for optimizing wellness and realizing their hair growth potential. We are looking for a dedicated team of empowered, diverse, and driven stakeholders who share our commitment to providing revolutionary natural hair services and techniques. Whether your goal is to own your own salon or carve our a unique career as a hair care specialist and educator, we offer a full suite of opportunities and benefits that can help you realize your professional goals while working with a group of truly fabulous, highly motivated, and skilled salon technicians!

We understand the unique challenges for people of color who seek financial independence and the security of a solid career track. We offer stylists the invaluable opportunity to learn and perfect our patented Abra Kadabra Sew-In™ System, an extension installation technique that provides clients with unparalleled results and a previously unheard-of sew-in lifespan. Our system protects clients’ natural hair and facilitates dramatic, healthy hair growth without risk of tangles or shed hairs fusing to the clients’ hair or to the unit. As a member of our team, we will provide you with the in-depth training and apprenticeship you need to perfect this innovative approach. Expertise in executing this system will open up significant future earning potential and will make you a high-value prospect for the length of your career as a stylist.

We expect all members of the Abra Kadabra team to embrace the following core values:

  • Trust: We earn the trust of our clientele by consistently delivering exceptional services and outstanding results.
  • Improvement: We commit to continual professional improvement and education, and always strive for proficiency in the latest technical  innovations.
  • Honesty: We dedicate ourselves to full transparency and honesty with our clients, fellow team members, and community.
  • Integrity: We strive to earn the respect of our clients, our industry, and our community by consistently demonstrating impeccable professional and ethical standards.

We offer a variety of natural hair salon jobs and opportunities for professional advancement for stylists and other beauty industry professionals. Whether you’re a licensed cosmetologist, a braider, a hair assistant, or wish to pursue one of those paths, we want to hear from you. We are continually building and expanding our brand, and we are proud to have cultivated a unique and truly special work environment. We hope you’ll be a part of it!

Where can I find natural hair salon jobs near me? Visit our About section to see if you’re a good fit and to learn more about our philosophy!





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