e-Commerce Inventory Specialist
e-Commerce Inventory Specialist oversees the ordering, storing, receiving and distributing processes of an organization’s products and supplies. Their main duties include controlling the flow of supplies and equipment, tracking and analyzing inventory maintenance, and developing protocols for loss mitigation. The person who fills this role will work at the salon headquarters in St. Louis, MO. 

What does an e-Commerce Inventory Specialist do? 
e-Commerce Inventory Specialists usually work for department or retail stores, developing procedures to effectively manage and maintain a company’s inventory. They’ll make sure a company’s shipment is accurate by conducting inventory counting processes. Inventory Specialists also oversee and manage the inventory storage space in the warehouse to ensure there’s enough room to store new product shipments. When inventories start to run low, the e-Commerce Inventory Specialist will place restock orders and make sure they never run out of essential inventory items. They also use management software systems and technologies to manage and update their inventory records accordingly.

Job Duties
e-Commerce Inventory Specialists maintain the inventory of the company they work for. Inventory Specialists have the additional following responsibilities: 
  • Process online orders (i.e., picking, packing, and shipping)
• Interview potential vendors and select ones that best meet the needs of the organization 
 Oversee inventory and orders additional products and supplies when needed 
Evaluate the selection and shipping process and work to improve efficiency 
• Keep up-to-date with industry trends and update inventory as needed 
  • Negotiate vendor contracts in order to maximize profit 
  • Log incoming inventory 
  • Performs weekly inventory updates 
  •Attends Regularly-Scheduled Meetings

   • High school diploma is required
   • Associate's or Bachelor’s degrees are preferred
   • Exceptional organization skills for taking charge of organizing inventory and improving the efficiency of the selection and shipping processes
   • Problem-solving skills for developing innovative solutions to improve overall efficiency and overcome challenges
   • Excellent verbal and written communication skills for negotiating contracts, interviewing new vendors, educating warehouse employees and developing new inventory processes
   • Dependability with a strong work ethic
   • Must be proactive and self-motivated 
   • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously in an efficient and timely manner
   • Ability to follow prescribed processes and assist others in doing the same
   • Ability to understand workflow dependencies across integrated services containing multiple work-streams or projects
   • Demonstrated proactive ability to collaborate with and motivate others
   • Eagerness to learn new skills and approaches to address challenges that our clients face in the current environment

Salary Expectations 
An e-Commerce Inventory Specialist makes an average of $14.00 to $20.00 per hour commensurate with experience, education, and verifiable work ethic and outcomes.

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