Service Consultations

30-mins | $65+

This consultation is MANDATORY for all New Clients pursuing our infamous HAIR GROWTH SEW INS. You will sit down with with our technician and become educated on your sew in endeavour. Together you and your stylist will set a goal and put a plan into action to achieve that goal. You will get information on our 3 P’s: Process (how it works), Products needed and Pricing. We will also talk about hair extension available for sale within the salon as well as products needed to facilitate your hair growth journey.

60-mins | $129+

Hair Loss Reversal Plan (including Hair Growth Product System)
Hair Growth Action Plan (including Hair Growth Product System)
Hair Growth Sew In

Our virtual consultations allows us face-to-face meetings with our of town customers & allows us to establish a real connection from afar. Our virtual consultation specialist will discuss with you healthy ways to grow and maintain your hair or discuss with you an action plan for your Abra Kadabra Sew in service. CONSULTATION FEE MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO SERVICE.