Looking for a Natural Hair Salon? 3 Tips for Finding the Best Stylist for Your Hair Goals

Finding the right stylist is always a challenge, but natural curly, coily, and kinky textures require a special level of expertise. Here’s how to find a great natural hair salon.


Regardless of whether you’ve worn your natural curly texture your whole life or are in the midst of a transition from relaxed hair, sometimes you need the guidance of a professional stylist. However, finding a salon that knows natural hair top-to-bottom can be difficult for a lot of curlies. There are more social media posts and YouTube rants on the subject of salon disasters than anyone can count, so it’s not a surprise that many people are a little hesitant about entrusting their hair to a stranger who may or may not have relevant experience. However, while one of the major benefits of going natural is becoming disenthralled to bi-monthly visits to the salon, having professional guidance is essential if you want your hair to reach its full potential.

No matter what your hair goals are, having a professional, experienced stylist occasionally check on the health of your hair is highly beneficial. Here are a few tips for making sure you find the right stylist.

If glowing Google or Yelp reviews fill you with confidence about a particular salon, just remember that not every review is accurate or even honest. Read the reviews and check for specific details, such as the reviewer’s hair texture and how the stylist handled it; the length of time spent at the salon; the products used; and the name of the stylist the reviewer saw.

Also, check and see if and how the salon responds to reviews. Every customer-facing business will have dissatisfied clients eventually, and if the root cause is a genuine misunderstanding, the salon should address it directly and with a desire to solve the problem. If they allow mediocre or terrible reviews to languish unaddressed, it’s a red flag.

You and your stylist should have a rapport – you have to trust your stylist’s ability to work with, and uncover the true beauty of, your hair’s unique characteristics. Explain your long-term goals, not just what you want your hair to look like after your first visit. Your hair journey will inform your stylist’s strategy for styling your hair in the short-term. For example, if your default hair style is wearing your hair in its natural state, your stylist will use products and techniques that best preserve and enhance your curls. If your goal is to grow your hair to its maximum length, your stylist’s strategies should support that.

No one wants to be overcharged, but great skill and quality service aren’t cheap. If you want the best experience and results, you can’t skimp. The best, most highly trained, expert stylists will come with a price that matches their quality. However, if you pay premium prices, the salon must provide premium services.

AK Hair & Healing takes great pride in providing exceptional services to our diverse client community. Whether you’re relaxed or natural, the team of experts can help you unleash the natural, radiant beauty of your glorious hair.

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