Scholarship Fund (Donate or Sponsor a Student)

Abra Kadabra Hair and Healing has been able to change thousands of women lives through the form of combatting hair loss or stagnated hair growth. Our demand is overwhelming which pushed us into teaching hairstylist globally however it is not an overnight process. It's a real program; a 6 month curriculum about

1. the science of hair (in which our whole existence as black women has been barely understood)

2. how to utilize extensions (specifically sew ins) as a vessel to help create stress free hair journeys for women, to decrease the often times unsafe manipulation that is done on a day to day and to create massive amounts of hair growth.

If the Abra Kadabra 6 Month Hair Growth Sew In System is something you are interested in, it could be extremely beneficial for you to donate to the Abra Kadabra HairVersity scholarship fund for a hairstylist in your city

To make a general donation to our entire program for hairstylist who reside anywhere, you can visit our GO FUND ME to make your donation. We are trying to raise $30,000 to support 30-50 hairstylist successfully enroll in our program. Depending on which of the 3 programs they choose to enroll in  will determine the actual number of stylist we are able to get through our upcoming enrollment season starting Feb 12th.


To contribute toward fast-tracking one or more stylists in your preferred city ($10 - $1,499) click here to make a donation today . There are some gifts/tokens that are associated with this way of donating if you choose to provide your contact information.  To view what cities are accepting support, click here


If you prefer to sponsor a specific stylist ($1,500 and up), click here to learn more and submit your scholarship contribution. This type of donation comes with full support through our Abra Kadabra Hair Growth System (The installation, hair extensions and hair growth products) all as a gift of appreciation. 

Our 3rd Cohort ENROLLMENT BEGINS FEB 12th for new stylist/students. After speaking to 100 stylist from June 2022 to November 2022 who were not able to afford our basic most economical program and felt really discouraged (or they were able to join our lowest program for $297 per month but could not keep up with the monthly payment shortly after), we want to be able to offer some scholarships with covering half of their course cost or half of their initial deposit if they would like to do a payment plan.
CURRENTLY, WE HAVE 40 MEMBERS NEEDING SUPPORT with fast-tracking to the qualification needed to attend our 2 day masterclass certification. Once they attend this class, they can start seeing customers from our master database, get started with building real financial stability while making an impact in hundreds of women lives in their area.
Our goal is to create an eco-system of support. By you helping them, it helps us and it positions us collectively to better help you as a person suffering with alopecia or who simply wants to have a breakthrough with hair growth.


To see who is currently certified or in active training, click here