About Our Salon

Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing is the Hair Growth Capital of the World with a mission is to exquisitely transform each and every woman through a unique hair solution and beauty experience of elevation, education and guaranteed results the magical way. We are dedicated to the transcendence of women aesthetic beauty, health and overall well-being. To add, our corporate mission is to provide fulfilling career platforms which will position our staff for constant growth and/or leadership.

Our business serves a much higher purpose. We are responsible for giving women hope from the discovery of all of our successful testimonies and confidence when we make your dreams become a reality through your very own personal hair journey with us. Not only that, we have a duty to provide our staff with career opportunities they more than likely would not have had the chance to experience in the beauty industry on their own. The peace and joy that comes directly from fulfillment spreads light amongst the universe. We are responsible for making women simply feel really good and when you feel good, you feel compelled to do good for others and more importantly, yourself. Welcome to Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing.