Hair of Your Dreams e-Manual Disclaimer

1. Nothing said, recommended, done, typed, or printed by Hair by Abra Kadabra LLC is intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or take the place of a licensed physician, especially without knowing the full scope of any one person's issue.

2. I understand that the products and lifestyle recommended are safe, non-invasive methods of improving the vitality of hair, body, and mental well-being and that any change can cause or contribute to other various health problems if connected.

3. I understand that I should continue to see any medical doctors I am currently under the care of and that any prescription medication should not be altered without first consulting the Doctor who recommended it.

4. I understand that Hair by Abra Kadabra, LLC. is not liable for my healthcare.

5. The herbs that have been recommended are traditionally considered safe, although some may be toxic in large doses. I understand that some herbs may be inappropriate during pregnancy. Some possible side effects of taking herbs are nausea, gas, stomach ache, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, rashes, hives, and tingling of the tongue.

6. The nutritional hair growth supplements recommended are considered safe although they are inappropriate during pregnancy and for kids under the age of 18.

7. I understand that Growth Therapy+ Scalp Solution (Minoxidil) is the only product from the AK Hair Growth Therapy that contains 5% pharmaceutical which opens up the vessels to allow more blood flow to the follicle for hair growth. If I use Growth Therapy+ Scalp Solution and get the results I want, then abruptly stop with no other DHT inhibiting support, I can lose a percentage of my results. The percentage depends on the person and how well of an improvement in my lifestyle has occurred especially with nutrition. It is best to go from daily use to every other day for some time, then try 2 times per week and eventually down to 1 day per week. I understand can even transition to the natural Growth Therapy Scalp Solution) but under any circumstances should I completely or abruptly stop.

8. I understand that a disclaimer label is attached to Growth Therapy+ Scalp Solution that states do not use if you do not have any family history of hair loss and to not use if hair loss is rapid or sudden. It is designed more so for genetic hair loss.

9. I understand that Growth Therapy+ Scalp Solution is NOT an oil and should not be used on areas that are not bald or during any protective styles where the hair and scalp cannot be cleansed every 2 weeks during use.

10. I understand that I am not to use Growth Therapy+ Scalp Solution (Minoxidil) if I have heart disease or low blood pressure and that I should consult with a physician before use.