Approximately 80 million women and men in the United States experience hair loss. While we typically associate hair loss with male pattern baldness, it is also a very common occurrence among women – it is estimated that one-third of women will lose a portion of their hair at some point in their lives. Hair loss often has a significant emotional effect on women, since it is more harshly judged than male hair loss. Hair loss in women can negatively affect quality of life and even erode emotional health and wellbeing.

Hair loss can occur for the following reasons:

  • Stress
  • Emotional trauma
  • Continual hair tension
  • Illness
  • Certain Medications
  • Iron deficiency

However, the most common cause of hair loss in both men and women is called androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness. This typically occurs in men at the crown and along the hairline, forming an “M” pattern. In women, hair loss begins along the center part and gradually spreads throughout the top of the head. While men experience receding hairlines and often complete baldness, androgenic alopecia does not generally cause total baldness in women, though the hair loss can be dramatic.

Another major cause of hair loss is traction alopecia. This is particularly prevalent among black women due to the popularity of hairstyles that contribute to the condition. Hairstyles that can cause traction alopecia are styles that pull the hair along the hairline for extended periods of time. These include tight ponytails, braided extensions (box braids), and improperly installed sew-in weaves.

There are some cases where the cycle of hair growth pauses, either due to illness or physical or emotional trauma. In these circumstances, hair growth will typically resume after the body recovers.

It is normal to lose approximately 100 hairs from your scalp per day. If you do not brush or comb your hair on a daily basis and instead elect to detangle your hair once per week, the amount of hair you notice in your comb or brush might seem large, but it is likely just a perfectly normal volume of hair loss. It just seems significant since you are releasing a week’s worth of shed hair.

If you have concerns about hair loss, there are several non-invasive treatment and prevention options available to you.



Keeping your hair and scalp properly cleansed is crucial to maintaining and encouraging hair growth. AK Hair & Healing’s Growth Support Shampoo is formulated to promote hair follicle regeneration when used as a part of the AK Hair & Healing Growth System. With a combination of potent dihydrotestosterone-inhibiting ingredients and its sulfate-free formula, Growth Support Shampoo can produce dramatic results.



Growth Support Conditioner provides hair with 25 essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that add strength, shine, and protection from environmental stressors and styling damage. This highly moisturizing formula is perfect for all hair types, but it is particularly effective for coarser, more delicate hair types that are susceptible to breakage and frizz.



AK Hair & Healing offers a highly effective Growth Therapy Scalp Solution that is proven effective for both women and men. The treatment is formulated to offer multiple benefits, including increasing blood flow to the scalp and saturating hair strands with keratin proteins, effectively repairing and thickening the individual hair shafts. The formula simultaneously encourages new hair growth while repairing the existing hair. This treatment is designed for people experiencing mild hair thinning.

Men and women experiencing more aggressive hair loss might benefit from our Growth Therapy + Scalp Solution, a topical growth formula clinically proven to encourage the cycle of new hair development while soothing any irritation and inflammation that can contribute to hair loss.



AK Hair & Healing Advanced Growth Supplements are engineered to mitigate the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the main culprit of pattern hair loss in both men and women. This dietary supplement not only provides the nutrients you need to optimize your overall wellness, its formulation is clinically proven to help reverse the effects of DHT.

AK Hair & Healing offers comprehensive hair restoration programs and solutions that can help you keep your hair in optimal condition. If you are experiencing sudden, significant hair loss, visit your primary care physician to check for underlying medical conditions that could be contributing factors. To learn more about our hair clinic and treatment packages, and philosophy, please visit our hair loss information page.