Sick of Single-Strand Knots? Here’s How to Banish Them for Life!

Single-strand knots – aka, fairy knots – are the bane of natural hair health. Here’s how to get rid of them for good!
Single-strand knots are irritating, unsightly, and they lead to bigger knots, tearing, and breakage. Here are 10 tips that can help you keep them at bay.

Yep, if you notice an abundance of single strand knots, it’s time for a trim – and not just a haphazard “dusting,” either. Single-strand knots form when individual hair cuticles begin to fray and separate from clumps of curls, eventually curling up on themselves and forming knots. Having regular trims and ensuring your ends stay healthy will prevent the knots’ formation. If you notice an abundance of single-strand knots, having a professional trim might be the most effective option for getting rid of the damage.

Having long, luxurious hair flowing down your back is more than just a little satisfying, but unfortunately, it’s a great way to encourage single-strand knots! Single-strand knots don’t get the chance to form when hair is in a bun and protected from brushing against clothing or blowing in the breeze. Try to make updos your go-to style, leaving loose styles for special occasions if your hair is especially susceptible.

Wash-and-go styles – particularly for tighter curl textures – can encourage the formation of single-strand knots because they involve letting your curls do their own thing. Take a break from wash-and-gos and opt for twist-outs or braid-outs instead. Twisting and braiding hair allows the curls to set in a particular pattern, which discourages individual hair strands from becoming unruly.

If the ends of your hair are nice and slippery, they won’t get a chance to form knots. Dab your fingers with a non-absorbent oil like castor oil and twirl the ends of your hair around your fingers before your regular nighttime routine.

An effective protective style can help give your hair a rest from manipulation and environmental damage. AK Hair and Healing offers a revolutionary sew-in and maintenance technique that keeps your hair completely preserved underneath a beautiful virgin hair install, allowing your hair to rest for up to one year with no damage.

To learn more about AK Hair and Healing’s Abra Kadabra Sew-In technique, please visit our information page.
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