Sometimes Stylists do it Better -- 4 Reasons Why You Should Just Head to a Salon

Many people on a natural hair journey are extremely hesitant about visiting a salon. After all, not every stylist has the skills, the experience, and the dedication necessary to achieve the results you deserve. However, even if you're determined to undertake your hair journey without the help of a stylist, there are some occasions where the expertise of a professional is essential for achieving the look you want.

Here are a few times when heading to the salon might be the most efficient and aggravation-saving solution.

  1. When you need to succeed. Sometimes you just want to have fun with your hair. You might try a non-permanent hair color or rock a Flexi Rod set. However, some hair projects are simply too big to fail. If you want to go from black to blonde, you definitely want to seek professional guidance. Likewise, if you want to cut your hair into a particular shape. These are both processes that can either destroy your hair or at least force you to grab a hat the next time you walk out the door. And ultimately, if the results are disastrous, you'll have to go to a salon to fix it anyway, so you will have cost yourself time and money!
  2. When you don't know how to execute the hairstyle. If you want intricate cornrows or flat twists but don't know the technique, a professional stylist/braider will be your best bet. No one has time to follow video tutorials and spend hours braiding only to take it all down again because the results are completely janky.
  3. When you need to look extra hot for an event. You might do bomb twist outs and your wash-and-go game is on point, but if you're going to a red carpet event or a major special occasion, you might want to put the extras on that ‘do! A salon-crafted hairstyle can give you that "wow" factor the occasion deserves.
  4. When you just don't feel like doing your hair maintenance yourself. Not every visit to a salon needs to be a transformative event. You don't have to have your hair cut, colored, straightened, or braided -- stylists can do whatever you need to be done. If you just want your hair washed, deep-conditioned, detangled, and put into a few twists because you can't face doing it, you can just head to a salon!
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