Technicians Listing

Watch the below video before choosing your technician 

and to understand how our systems and structure for how this process works for this infamous HAIR GROWTH Sew In Process

Reiterated Disclaimer: Please be mindful that the Certified stylists have successfully completed the entire Abra Kadabra Hair Growth Sew-In System on at least one client and passed the basic installation in its entirety to achieve their certification at our hands-on masterclass. Our certified stylists are not employees or contractors for Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing in any capacity unless they are placed at our headquarters in St. Louis, MO, or they are staff members at any of our franchise locations. Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing does not control the stylists' environments, styling skills, or customer service levels. After being serviced by one of the certified technicians, please come back and submit the survey on our site so that we can remain informed regarding how our brand is being represented and so that we may improve upon quality and service levels.

Click on your State in the following list to access a directory of Certified Technicians and Technicians-in-Training near you.

We are constantly updating the listing, as stylists progress through the training and certification program, so please check back periodically for new additions.

  1. Florida (FL)
  2. Illinois (IL)
  3. Maryland (MD)
  4. Missouri (MO)
  5. North Carolina (NC)
  6. New York (NY)
  7. South Carolina (SC)
  8. Texas (TX)
  9. Mississippi (MS)
  10. New Jersey (NJ)
  11. Minnesota (MN)
  12. Georgia (GA)
  13. Michigan (MI)
  14. Pennsylvania (PA)
  15. California (CA)
  16. Canada

If you don't see your state listed above, don't worry! We have several more enlisted stylists across the country who have begun working toward becoming certified. Click the map below for details. Check back periodically for updates.