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Ak Hair and Healing

Braid Style Care Kit

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The biggest mistake with braids is that we believe “no hair care” is the benefit that comes with wearing braid styles and that couldn’t be further from the truth! This is exactly why we lose a ton of hair during the removal of our braids. We weaken the integrity of our scalp's ability to hold on to our hair strands because there is too much build up and environmental debris suffocating and irritating our scalp. Additionally, our hair without water (and oil to lock in moisture) becomes extremely brittle over 1 week much less 2-3 months. This routine is DANGEROUS! 

Our Braid Style Care Kit protects you from this tragedy and ensures you depart from your braids BETTER than before you got them 

Follicle Detox: Removes buildup, sebum and debris from the follicles for ultimate protection as well as use B vitamins to energize the cells underneath the scalp to promote hair growth  

Water Mister: A lightly misting water bottle use to prep moisture into the outside layer of your hair strands. Without  water, your hair massively dehydrates

Hair Growth Healing Oil: A magical healing oil used in conjunction with the water misting bottle to ensure optimum moisture on your hair while going long periods of time without shampooing and conditioning. 


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