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Ak Hair and Healing

Growth Support Conditioner 8oz (Herbal Treatment)

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AK Growth Support Conditioner is beautifully designed with an abundance of plant extracts, herbs and and essential oils to revitalize and heal the scalp while restoring moisture. It aids in retaining length due to the reduction of shedding combined with AK Growth Support Shampoo. Infused with argan oil and organic aloe vera, it aims to alleviate itchiness and dryness while creating slip for an easier detangling experience. It leaves the hair beautiful, healthy and shiny. This conditioners is Step 3 of our Natural Growth System. 


Pumpkin Seed - amino containing rich fatty acids that prevent hair loss, promote hair growth and strengthens hair

Saw Palmetto Extract - an herb that removes the dht blockers preventing hair from growing which promotes the regrowth of dead follicles and faster hair growth

Biotin - stimulates keratin production which increase the rate of follicle hair growth

Green Tea Extract - herb to remove blockages cause by DHT (testosterone) and promotes a faster hair growth rate

Nettle Extract - prevents hair loss, regrows hair while making hair shiny and stronger and stimulates blood circulation

Slippery Elm Inner Bark Extract - herb that contains amino acids that encourage circulation to the roots of the hair and follicles and promotes healthy growth wile adding shine and sheen

Marshmallow Root - nourish and detangle, condition dry scalp and hair, prevent breakage, resort heat-damaged hair and prevent irritation caused by dry skin and scalp

Aloe Vera - rich in enzymes that heal and repair damaged cells in and on the scalp which boost hair growth while reducing any type of inflammation

 Niacin - vitamin that aids in the stimulation of new hair growth by improving blood circulation by bringing oxygen and nutrients to the follicle


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90 Day Guarantee + Returns

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We DO NOT offer REFUNDs on hair however we could exchange it. If you have a change of mind with your hair bundles and closures, as long as the bundles are still bundles or tied and the closure still has its packaging, we could exchange it. If you wish to return your Abra Kadabra products or hair, please email sales@akhairandhealing.comwithin 90 days of the date the product was received to receive a return authorization code.

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