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Hair Growth Moisture Retention Oil

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Hair Growth Moisture Retention Oil Encourage Hair Growth Retention by providing all of the essential moisturizing agents that fight to keep your hair hydrated internally, moisturized externally and strong all of the way through the hair strand. Hair Growth Moisture Retention Oil primary goal is to help you maintain as much hair as possible for better length retention. It does this mostly by reducing split ends, preventing breakage and promoting circulation to oxygenate the scalp for healthy hair. Hair Growth Moisture Retention Oil also provide an incredible shine, slip for a better detangling experience and softness especially used after shampooing and conditioning or with water. 




Pour in your hand and emulsify evenly throughout both hands. Apply with fingers to your hair starting with the ends and work your way up to scalp. Once oil is completely   distributed from fingers, emulsify your hands again for more distribution among fingers and massage evenly throughout your hair. It can be used on scalp when applied as recommended here. No need to pour from bottle to scalp. Best when used after shampooing and conditioning or while misting your hair with water however it can be used on dry styling hair in very small dosages at a time to make sure to avoid over lust and weighed down hair.



Olive Oil , Sweet Almond, Grape seed Oil , Argan Oil, Carrot Oil , Sesame Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oil


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