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Growth Cleansing & Conditioning Team

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Step 1, 2 and 3 of our Hair Growth Therapy Systems (Follicle Detox, Growth Support Shampoo and Growth Support Conditioner) are used in combination to keep your follicles clean, to wake your follicles up, to reduce shedding for retained thickness and growth as well as to treat with vitamins & herbs necessary for healthy hair growth


 The NATURAL set is for more dry/coarse hair thats looking for moisture or if you have any scalp issues that need to be managed or healed.

The ADVANCED set is for more fine/straight hair, if you have some aggressive balding and/or if you need more strength support

Both sets of our Cleansing and Conditioning Team includes

1. Follicle detox
2. Growth support shampoo
3. Growth support conditioner  

The follicle detox helps to remove what’s clogging your follicles, energizes the hair growth cells right through the scalp and promotes circulation while also making sure everything is cleared out so that the shampoo better penetrates.

The shampoos contain organic dht inhibitors that removes internal blockages preventing your hair from growing and causing thinning along with many other benefits.

And the conditioners treats your hair whether you are needing strength or moisture.
STEP 1. Follicle Detox ~ Use follicle detox before before every shampoo. A little goes a long way so make sure not to open the twist top too much. You want to make sure the solution drips out and not pour out. When applying, drop in areas and spread it throughout. The solution doesn,t need to cover every part of your scalp coming out of the bottle. Really focus in on areas of hair loss/thinning. Apply and allow to sit for 3-5 minutes. 
STEP 2.NATURAL - Growth Support Shampoo ~ Herbal Cleanser
      Shampoo every 1-2 weeks. Our herbal cleanser has anti-microbial and anti-fungal agents that remove/eliminate buildup such as dandruff on the scalp while also moisturizing and stimulating hair growth. On the first week of use, shampoo twice then on the second week, shampoo one time. Use this alternating method if you are shampooing every week. If you choose every 2 weeks, shampoo twice.
STEP 2. ADVANCED - Growth Support Shampoo ~ Gentle Cleanser
    Shampoo 1 time per week. If you are bald, thinning or shedding excessively, you will need the support of the organic dht inhibitors in our gentle but effective cleanser. If you have more of a fine/straight texture hair and/or you keep your hair short, our gentle cleanser is safe to use 2-3 times per week. If you are using multiple times per week, you only need to shampoo one time during your cleansing regiment.
STEP 3. NATURAL - Growth Support Conditioner ~ Herbal Treatment
   Our herbal treatment is extremely hydrating/moisturizing so pay attention to how much is being used. If you have thick coarse hair, you would use more. If you have more fine/thin hair, you would use less. If you are wearing your hair flat ironed, you may want to use less to avoid weighed down hair. If you are wearing your hair in natural or protective styles, you can use generously. Make sure to rinse hair really well. If you are wearing your hair straight, rinse with warm water first then cool to help seal in the moisture within your hair strand. If you are wearing your hair natural or in a protective style, you can rinse with cooler water to help lock in the hydration and moisture.
STEP 3. ADVANCED - Growth Support Conditioner - Strengthening Treatment
   Our strengthening treatment contains 25 vitamins, minerals and amino acids that all work together to repair hair your hair strands, moisturize them and give them an incredible shine. If you are missing hair, our hair growth systems will work diligently with your body to produce more hair strands and when they enter into this world again once penetrating your scalp to where you can see it, our strengthening treatment will be there to make sure it survives. Cystine is the amino acid your hair is mostly made of and so our treatment here imitates that to create a nice synergy with you hair. IF YOU HAVE COARSE HAIR BUT ALSO BALD and you are using this conditioner, you may need more moisture for the hair that you do have so add our herbal treatment to the hair that you do have to get that added moisture. 


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