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Ak Hair and Healing

Poor Hair Rich Hair: THE eWORKBOOK

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There is a clear distinction between a Rich Hair Stylist and a Poor Hair Stylist. The question is, which one do you want to be? Abra McField, one of our beauty industry thought leaders featured in Good Morning America, Essence and many more of our trusted media outlets, teaches cosmetologist the very tools needed to build, operate and grow a successful hair business. She reveals hidden secrets no one talks about in the beauty industry; proven systems and strategies that she developed on her journey to a million dollar success.

An astronomical amount of beauty professionals fail at being able to sustain, much less grow their business because they are missing these very tools and systems. A system is a set of things that work together to improve function and quality while making your life easier. Abra McFields motto has always been work smarter not harder but unfortunately she had to learn this the hard way through a near death experience. She had a very long hard journey of all work with no play and no systems which is no way to live.  Her very purpose for sharing her magic with you is so that you can adopt and apply what took her so many years to develop in a much shorter period of time. She has done her part and now it is time for you to do yours.

With this Roadmap Workbook to Riches, you are 70% more likely to retain and apply this magic into your life and business. Get ready to build the clientele you need, make the income you want and live the lifestyle you deserve.


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